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The All-In-One Solution That Works for All

Until recently, the generosity of those wishing to donate real estate to their preferred causes has too often been rejected.

In fact, 80% of real estate offered to qualified non-profit organizations have has been turned away due to:
  • Fear of resource drain on time challenged staff
  • Lack of familiarity with procedures, evaluation process, legal and tax issues
  • Perceived complexity of due diligence efforts and removal of encumbrances
  • Myths related to environmental horror stories
  • Holding costs including maintenance, entitlements and market futures

Now with Real Estate Gifting Realized, planned giving professionals may be able to confidently secure the donation of residential and commercial real estate-related assets with less risk and minimal involvement for every gifting option.

With its best-of-class real estate heritage and its work to advance knowledge and professionalism in the field of commercial investment real estate, the not-for-profit CCIM Foundation is uniquely qualified to simplify these problematic real estate donations for any qualified charity.

With 15,000 members around the world, the CCIM Institute is an association recognized globally as a leader in creating and delivering the commercial real estate industry’s highest level of education, technology and research for best transactional and ethical practices.

Everyone Benefits from Gifts of Real Estate

• For planned giving professionals involved with qualifying foundations, charities and non-profits, the willingness of donors to provide charitable donations of real estate is an avenue for needed funding to help offset reduced donations in other categories. In fact, according to the IRS, the average Real Estate Gift exceeds $700,000 per donation.

The CCIM Foundation is prepared to facilitate real estate donations for other organizations.

• Donors may qualify for a tax benefit based on the current fair market value of the property, not the original purchase price. This type of gift is compliant with federal tax code and accepted by the IRS. The advantages of this credible and philanthropic giving of real property include:

Personal satisfaction of helping worthy charitable causes
Elevating public awareness of philanthropic issues
Attribution for a lifetime of support
Charitable deductions that may be applied over a number of years
Reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes
Possible income stream for the donor while directing funds to a charity through a Charitable Remainder or Life Estate
Freedom from a financially draining, underperforming or unutilized property
Potential elimination of operational expenses and maintenance obligations*
   *Except for Life Estates

• Individual estate, trust, and tax professionals now can work with the proven resource of Real Estate Gifting Realized professionals to compliment their advice on the fiscal advantages of disposing of real estate through a charitable contribution.

For more information on Real Estate Gifting Realized, contact Susan Groeneveld by email or by phone: (847) 767-1986.
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