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Higher Potential Through Lower Risk and Complexity

The professionals of Real Estate Gifting Realized are uniquely qualified to streamline the process from extensive experience in real estate gifting.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all method they reduce the steps each deal requires through a customized approach that makes for an entirely straightforward donation.

How We Make Gifts Of Real Estate Better To Give & Receive
Step 1.
With assistance from Real Estate Gifting Realized, planned giving professionals confidently reassure donors of real estate properties by offering a clear understanding about the process, depth of potential advantages and the requirements of due diligence.

Step 2.
When the donor is ready to move forward, our team of professional advisors makes a definitive assessment of the property’s suitability for gift acceptance that saves time, emotion and expense for all parties.

Step 3.
Real Estate Gifting Realized administrators begin the disposition process by identifying and assigning specific duties to a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, including:
  •  Commercial Brokerage Professionals
  •  Tax Accountants
  •  Investment Counselors
  •  Asset Managers
  •  Appraisers
  •  Environmental Engineers
  •  Structural Engineers
  •  Property Managers
  •  Lenders
  •  Attorneys (Settlement, Estate Planning & Tax Law)
  •  Other Allied Professionals

For more detailed information about our process, click here to download our Procedural Guide for Gift of Real Property.

For more information on Real Estate Gifting Realized, contact Susan Groeneveld by email or by phone: (847) 767-1986.
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